Nature Chronicles - Seeing What is Outside from Inside

His objective in making "Nature Chronicles - Seeing What is Outside from Inside" is to make abstract paintings based on looking outside at his natural surroundings. He lives in the woods of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, USA. His woods are beautiful and inspiring every day of every season. Many species of birds (wild turkeys, hawks, finches, crows, doves, cardinals, bluebirds, sparrows, and all sorts of woodpeckers) are regulars. All sorts of animals (squirrels, foxes, raccoons, chipmunks, opossums, and flying squirrels) live just outside. The natural backdrops (trees, ferns, lichen and mosses, mountain laurels and rhododendrons) inspire him. The mountain weather (snow, fog, ice, rain, wind and sun) changes hourly. The lighting (sunrises and sunsets, moonrises and blue skies, grey skies, golden skies) make up the beautiful scenery. His idea is not to paint a landscape or nature painting, but to paint an abstract painting with all those natural aspects as inspiration.

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