Cheap Beach Chair

The inspiration for his Cheap Beach Chair Portfolio comes from many family trips to Charleston, SC and the surrounding beaches. He loves the bright, varied, happy colors of the woven fabrics of the beach chairs. Every store around town sells them in unique colors and patterns. One particular trip a few years back, he and his daughter, Stephanie, spent a long weekend on IOP. They bought some Cheap Beach Chairs at the grocery. They were so cheap, they broke by the time their trip ended. They were in the trash on the way out of town. After that experience, he has noticed broken beach chairs in the trash on a regular basis. The Cheap Beach Chair paintings are great studies for paint and color relationships. It is a learning experience in mixing colors, seeing them next to each other, looking and learning about various values, intensities, local color, opacity etc. in a fun and colorful painting series that brings back lots of great memories.

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