Texas Terry, 2018
Oil, Graphite, Oil Stick on Canvas
24 x 36 x 1.50 in
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Texas Terry November 16 2018 was painted on Terry Labonte's birthday in 2018. Terry's brother, Bobby Labonte made a birthday post to Terry on social media that day. Being a big fan of both Labonte brothers, he painted "Texas Terry". This painting began as a palette for other paintings.

For his palettes he uses premium grade gallery wrapped canvases. He uses them to mix colors, try colors etc. He uses canvas as a palette so he’s never wasting paint; he is able to freely put down paint that becomes the basis for a future composition/painting.  As the painting develops, he keeps in mind the modern art idea that the medium itself (paint, charcoal, graphite,etc.) has an equal voice as the drawing/composition in telling the story on canvas. The lines, the drips, the thick and thin paint, the runs are all part of the conversation.
He agrees with Barnett Newman that it’s the content that attracts and keeps the viewer engaged. His goal is to turn palettes into finished paintings with captivating content.



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