Remembering Curaçao 4, 2020
Oil, Graphite, Oil Stick on Canvas
18 x 24 x 1.50 in
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Remembering Curaçao 4 is a takeoff on his memory of the contrast of the deep ocean colors and the shallow waters up near the shoreline. His memory is that the sea around Curaçao is very deep, so the drop in water depth is quite dramatic. He was quite taken by the beautiful deep, dark blues just offshore in close proximity to the aquas and greens in the shallows. As a composition, "Remembering Curaçao 4" began as a palette for mixing colors on earlier paintings; therefore he has quite a few abstract forms and lines coinciding with lines that might represent tow lines to boats, a boat sail, architecture on the island, sand, shallows and deeps.



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