Abstract Landscape 27, 2020
Oil, Graphite, Oil Stick on Canvas
28 x 22 x 1.50 in
Abstract Expressionist Teacher and Master Artist Hans Hoffman believed all good abstract art compositions are based in the real - a figure, a landscape, a still life, etc...

Abstract Landscape 27 was intended as an abstract painting based on Aerial Landscape photography. As this painting developed, he kept in mind the modern art idea that the medium itself (paint, charcoal, graphite, etc.) has an equal voice as the content/composition in telling the story on canvas. The lines, the drips, the thick and thin paint, the runs are all part of the conversation. He is inspired by the paintings of Richard Diebenkorn; he loves the pentimenti aspect of Diebenkorn's work and hopes to include pentimenti in his own work.

He agrees with Barnett Newman that it’s the content that attracts and keeps the viewer engaged. His goal is to make paintings with captivating content.



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