Abstract Landscape 11 V2, 2018
Oil, Graphite, Oil Stick on Canvas
30 x 40 x 1.50 in
He used several photos taken from his DJI Phantom drone as inspiration for the composition of Abstract Landscape 11 V2. He has roughly 3000 drone photographs of various landscape details from 50 to 350 or so feet high. He uses these photos as reference and inspiration for this painting series. He uses various charcoals and graphite sticks/pencils to sketch the composition on the canvas. He then quickly maps out values using various shades of the primary colors. He continues painting, changing directions as he goes, modifying the composition, the colors, the values, etc... As a contemporary artist, he believes an essential part of a painting is the paint itself; he hopes to allow the paint to run, drip, cover, shade and express its properties on the canvas. As a student of painting, he loves to explore other artists' work - looking for the how, when and why of a painting as much as the content or meaning. Therefore, he leaves traces of the underneath layers, marks, colors, etc. to be seen in his finished paintings. Artists who inspire him are R Diebenkorn, R Motherwell, H Frankenthaler, H Matisse, G O' Keeffe, H Hoffman, F Stella, J Johns.



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