He is influenced by the work and processes of Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud. He loves their approaches to painting that includes abstraction and hints of the landscape. He has a DJI Drone that he flies to get photographs of an elevated perspective and uses these photos as references for future paintings. He loosely draws in pencil, charcoal, Conte' Crayon, etc. to get a quick, direct montage of imagery on the canvas. He then paints the background using thin washes of oil paint in primary colors and white. He layers paint and uses very thin washes and thickly applied paint with a palette knife. He constantly turns his canvas on his easel so marks and perspectives are from all angles, not just one position. He loves showing the underpainting, the under-drawing, and layers of paint. He enjoys the excavation of previous layers and decisions made. Any given section of canvas might have a dozen layers of paint while another section might show raw canvas.




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